Guild Events

 We offer Contemplative Groups and Quiet Days on a regular basis around the State of Maine, as well as in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  In the past we have also offered large events with well-known leaders in the greater spiritual community.  Today we are shifting our focus to exploring ways of supporting each other as well as reaching out to others through technology to create community. Everyone is invited to attend our events.   
Guild Contemplative Groups
Guild Contemplative Groups welcome everyone who desires to begin or deepen their practice of contemplative silence. To register, please contact a facilitator of the group where you plan to participate.
Guild Quiet Days
Guild Quiet Days consist of several hours of free silent time framed in prayer and often include an hour of spiritual conversation over a simple meal of soup and bread.
Previous Events
Kathleen Dowling-Singh: The Grace in Living, Recognize It, Trust in It, Abide in It, 2017.


Events centered on Seeds of Contemplation featured the following presenters: Martin Laird, Cynthia Bourgeault, Rami Shapiro, Belton Lane, Chris Pramuk, and Fred Brancato, 2015


Satagraha: Love-Force in Action with Rajmohan Gandhi, 2014.
Alberto Ambrosio and Amir Vahab, Divine Love in Sufi and Christian Contemplation, 2014.
Rose Mary Dougherty, On Leading Contemplative Retreats, 2014.
John Makransky, Awakening Through Love, 2014.
john Makransky
Cynthia Bourgeault, Song of Songs, 2014.
Cynthia Bourgeault


Other previous presenters include David Frenette, Richard Rohr, Tessa Bielecki, John Chryssavgis, Kyricacos Markides, Margery Zoet Bankson, and Fr. Thomas Keating.