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Guild Associate-Led Programs in 2017

Dennis Kiley:
Openhearted Living: The Path of Spirit - February 4th, 2017

DK follow-your-heart-pathDennis Kiley's program, "Openhearted Living: The Path of Spirit" will be an extraordinary opportunity for all Guild Friends, Associates, and newcomers alike to gather for a truly enlightening, daylong program by an inspired presenter. We hope as many as possible will be able attend. Dennis' inspiration comes from many sources, especially the work of Brother Wayne Teasdale's life and work, including his book, The Mystic Heart. It's a wonderful occasion on which to gather and to glean Dennis' wisdom and energy about living through our awakened hearts.

From Christ to Krishna, the Dalai Lama to Richard Rohr, voices shout the importance of love across diverse spiritual landscapes.  Living from the heart is a unifying thread of our many religious traditions; it is the path, practice and outcome.  Love is at the center of the sacred and scary, the divine and ordinary.  Kindness is the source of our healing and holiness; it is our path to spiritual living in a material world. Living from the heart is the way through fear and loss, and the doorway to peace, unity and meaning.  In our uncertain and conflicted world, never has this been more important.

This daylong workshop provides a contemplative, communal and experiential engagement with openhearted living.  We will have times of silence, reflection, spiritual readings, mindful movement and sharing all with the intention of bringing us closer to each other, ourselves and our heart.

This is a brown bag (bring your own lunch) event.

Dennis Kiley is a spiritual teacher with backgrounds in Buddhism, Christianity, Yoga and other contemplative practices. In addition to teaching, he is a spiritual counselor, psychotherapist and group facilitator.  All of his work is focused on supporting people to be more loving, present, awake and free in their life. Of particular interest and central to this workshop is how to lead spiritual lives in a material world.

Retreat Dates: Friday, May 15, at 1 pm.
Costs: Tuition (to Dennis Kiley) $65, scholarships available. Please contact Dennis directly ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 207-317-618) to register or for more information.
Directions: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth is one mile north of downtown Ellsworth on Rt. 1. Click here for its location via Google Maps.
Event flyer: Click here to download and print a flyer for this event.