Judy Mullins

Worshipping communities, writers, silence and circles laid down the path for me as a follower of Jesus, a lover of the Christ.

From a neighborhood Baptist church, to the company of Roman Catholic and Episcopal priests on a Detroit university campus, to a fledging church that met in The Truck Driver's Union Hall in downtown Chicago and was pastored by a multi-racial team, to a small town UCC congregation of long time New England Yankees descended upon by young transplants who thought they knew it all, diverse spiritual communities have been my bedrock.

Dag Hammarskjold's, Markings was the first startling book I read. It was a bridge from the spiritual formation of my childhood and early teens in an evangelical church to the riots and assassinations of the 60's. Some time after that I latched onto Thomas Merton. He became a guide as I navigated between and within my outer and inner worlds and yearned to know my real self and explore my desire for Silence. My spiritual direction mentor at The Center for Spirituality and Social Justice, Sr. Miriam Clearly, deepened my awareness of Silence and urged me to cultivate a practice I could take onto Bronx streets where I was a community organizer.

There has often been a circle of women. The one that held me during a prolonged and isolating illness introduced me to the writings of Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron, and she to curiosity as a way to be when everything falls apart.

Today, my teachers are contemplative prayer, the sea and an unmown meadow, generosity and more writers, a dream group, a nascent home church, and incarcerated men who I know through The Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast.

In addition to being a spiritual director and community organizer, Judy has pastored two United Church of Christ congregations.

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