Guild Associates & Offerings

Guild Associates are Friends of the Northeast Guild who, seeking to ground their lives and work in unconditional Presence, have chosen to ally themselves as a network of contemplatives for purposes of spiritual support and growth, collegiality and accountability.

Vocationally, Associates come from various walks of life: as clergy, spiritual directors, retreat leaders, small practice group facilitators, educators, psychotherapists, social workers, physicians, pharmacologists, and many others. We enjoy landscaping, gardening, farming, woodworking, cooking, writing, and all manner of art and recreating in Nature. We seek to live as fully as possible our active lives from our grounding in the contemplative life.

Our lives as Guild Associates are rooted in shared values related to our daily spiritual practices, the conduct of our personal and vocational lives, and our way of being with one another in our gatherings. We have written very simple guidelines for each of these three areas: Guild Rule of Life, Guild Guidelines for Ethical Conduct, and Guidelines for Small and Large Group Conversations.

Among our offerings, Guild Associates lead weekly Contemplative Groups and monthly Quiet Days, which are free of charge to participants. We participate in and help lead Guild Institute programs. Associates also offer local programs, workshops, and retreats on a wide range of topics, as well as individual and group spiritual direction or guidance throughout northern New England.

In addition to participating in an association of contemplatives for mutual spiritual and vocational support, Associates enjoy several benefits: the energetic companionship of a vital spiritual community; shared practice and growth through leadership of Guild Contemplative Groups and Quiet Days, as well as participation and leadership in Institute and Associate­led programs at reduced cost; intimate gatherings with nationally and internationally known teachers and retreat leaders; an annual Board and Associates’ retreat; and publicity for our offerings via the Guild web site (see the Associates Directory) and a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 1,500 people. For more information, please see Guild Associates’ Responsibilities and Benefits.

In short, the Guild’s experience is that a unique kind of community emerges when space is made for contemplative Silence at its center. We value the spacious Presence that emerges out of this Silence, and we honor the gift each person brings to the gathered community as a reflection of this larger Presence. We view participants in our programs as actively engaged in the transformation of our world. Our Associates’ network is one way the Guild, in William Stringfellow’s words, enacts "a fearful hope for society."

How to become a Guild Associate

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Guild Associate Directory

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Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders

The Guild offers retreats and spiritual direction through spiritual life centers associated with our community, including The Alcyon Center in Seal Cove, Maine, and Restorative Retreats in Rockland, Maine. Experienced retreat leaders direct both centers.

Guild Associate Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders are Ann Barry, Pamela Starbird Beliveau, Kathryn Booth, Eric Erickson, Diane Gautney-Buckley, Joan Jordan Grant, Judy Mullins, Dan Robinson, Lyta Seddig, Joan Smith, Heather Spring, and Jeanne Tuttle.

Our individual ministries include pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, contemplative psychotherapy, and education. Guild Associates lead such programs as the following:

  • Workshops on Prayer and our Inner Life with God
  • Retreats, Quiet Days and Sabbatical Sanctuary
  • Spiritual Direction for Individuals and Groups
  • Peer Group Supervision for Spiritual Directors
  • Mentoring in Spiritual Formation
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Twelve Step Program as Spiritual Practice
  • Coming-of-Age Rituals and Programs

Map of Offerings

  • Blue pins: Area Contemplative Groups
  • Green pins: Area Quiet Days
  • Yellow pins: Spiritual Directors' Peer Groups
  • Cyan pins: Multiple offerings at this location

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