Directions to Pacific Hall

Directions to Pacific Hall (737 Tremont Road)
& to The Alcyon Center (1060 Tremont Road)

(The directions below assume you are driving onto Mount Desert Island, through Trenton from Ellsworth, via the Route 3 Bridge.)

At the head of the island, keep to the right so that you are driving onto Rt. 102, toward Town Hill and Somesville.

In 4.3 miles from the head of the island, you will come to a traffic light. (You'll pass by Somesville One Stop, a convenience store-Shell gas station on your left.) Go straight through this light.

Drive 0.9 miles through Somesville, until you come to Pretty Marsh Road. You'll notice the Mount Desert Island Fire Department station on the right at this intersection. Turn right onto Pretty Marsh Road.

A note for those driving first to The Alcyon Center: The entrance to the center will appear on your right at 7.4 miles. The driveway is marked with a small, blue street sign that reads, "Kittredge Road." Pacific Hall is exactly 1.5 miles beyond this point.

Continue on this main road (still Rt. 102) FOR 9.0 miles. Pacific Hall is a white, wood framed building with a steeple.

Parking is available in two places: on the right of the building as you face it, and in the parking lot of Carter Construction Company, which has graciously allowed us to use their space in front of the long, low white building 1/10 mile before you arrive at Pacific Hall. Please take care not to block their driveways.




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