Guild Associates' Responsibilities and Benefits


  1. Adherence to the Guild Rule of Life and Guild Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
  2. Participation on one of the Guild’s three "Tables": Stewardship (our shared human and financial resources), Institute (programming related to deepening practice and/or educational development), and Covenant of Associates (all matters related to Associates)
  3. Participation in helping to implement Guild programs: Institute programs the Guild offers as a collective body and/or Associate­-led programs
  4. Attendance at Associate gatherings that may occur two or three times each year, including a Board and Associates’ retreat
  5. Financial support through presence at Guild programs (Institute and/or Associate-led) and a suggested annual contribution of $200 according to personal means is recommended, but not required.”


  1. Participation in a network of contemplatives offering mutual support for vocational and personal concerns, collegiality, and deepening spiritual practices
  2. 10% discount on all Guild program tuition fees
  3. Meeting (as a group of Associates) with Guild Institute guest presenters during their stay with us, over a shared meal and post­dinner conversation
  4. When possible, a small group dialogue on selected topics/writings related to an Institute or Associate­led program, before and/or after the presenter’s program